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Attack of the Killer Virus

No, I wasn’t attacked by the H1N1 virus. But my computer was hit by something equally deadly as far as my documents were concerned. Unfortunately, the computer tech guys weren’t able to save them. Not a single one.

Okay, I know, if I had protected my computer with an anti-viral software in the first place, I wouldn’t be in this sorry state. My husband had complained it slowed the Internet too much—and it did—so we didn’t renew it. And it’s not like he had anything important on the computer. Just me.

However, I’m pretty smart—I have a Master’s of Science degree to back up that claim—or maybe I’m just paranoid, but I did backup everything important. Almost everything important. Unfortunately, the super cool shots I had taken during my vacation, which were destined for this blog (as in this week’s post), were a casualty of this misadventure. We had only returned home a few days before, and I hadn’t had a chance, yet, to save them beyond the computer. Oh well. It could have been worse.

So the lesson here is to backup your stuff frequently because you never know when disaster might hit. For my manuscripts, I save them whenever I’m finished working on them for the session on a flashcard and on my email account. If I’m writing for a few hours, then I back them up hourly on my flashcard. Paranoid? Maybe. But can you blame me?

Well, I’m off now to plot a new novel. Edward Cullen (Twilight, as if you didn’t know) is going to decide he’s sick of being a veggie vampire. His first human meal? The creators of computer viruses. I sense a bestseller here.

So the question for you. When was the last time you backed up your stuff? And remember, destruction comes in all shapes and forms, and not just the viral kind.

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Attack of the Killer Virus + Writing