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Ooops! I Need an Upgrade

After that unfortunately run-in with the killer virus, I bought a shiny new computer this week. Problem is, all my software needed to be upgraded, which means I have to install the latest Photoshop Elements software before I can edit my photos.

Now here’s the crux. I’m currently hammering out those final words of my WIP (work in progress). You know, the climax? And like a great book you can’t put down, I want to keep going ’till I finish it. Heck, just because I outlined the book, doesn’t mean I know exactly what’s going to happen. That’s the beauty of writing a novel. Your characters always surprise you.

So anyway, I’ll be loading the new program on my computer within the next few days, and should have a new photo tip later this week (once I figure out the new software).

In the meantime, please stay virus free.

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Ooops! I Need an Upgrade + TIME