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How many of you have experienced a moment of ‘Why the hell am I doing this to myself?’ when it comes to your writing? It’s that feeling we often get after a beta reader or crit partner transforms our manuscript into an ocean of red, or when we receive rejection after rejection from agents.
But it shouldn’t be this way.
When I was in high school, seniors were required to see the guidance counselor to discuss their future plans. Do you know what mine said? “Don’t waste your time with university. You’ll never succeed.” I proved him wrong. Not only did I go onto university, I earned my Masters of Science degree in exercise biological sciences (specializing in energy metabolism). No easy feat, I might add.
So what happened? How could he have been so wrong? Because I took what he said as a challenge and worked my ass off to succeed. You no doubt have a similar story about how you wanted something so badly, you pushed yourself hard to achieve it.
Next time you feel like a failure when it comes to your writing, remember your previous glowing moment. Then challenge yourself to push your writing to the next level. Figure out what your weaknesses are. Is it characterization? Plotting? The writing itself? Then study craft books, go to a workshop, or do an online course. Do whatever you need to do to grow as a writer.
But most importantly of all, believe in yourself. Remember your triumphant successes and know you’ll do it again, but this time with your writing career.
How do you deal with the horrible ‘Why the hell am I doing this to myself’ feeling?

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