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Tip #98: Make Your Camera Your BFF

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid photographer or a writer, your camera should be your best friend. Okay, obviously you aren’t going to be having deep, meaningful conversations with it. And if you do, you might want to seek therapy (if your camera replies).

Why do I want you to make it your best friend? Because I want you to bring it wherever you go. If you have a camera in your phone, that works too (for writers). You never know when something you see will spark a story idea or an emotion.

I shot these photos while walking in my neighborhood (with the exception of the last one). They show the setting for some of the scenes in my new YA (horror) project, and one gave me an idea for a scene. In the last picture, which was taken during our vacation, the moment I saw the house I knew it was perfect for the book. My husband thought I was a little nuts (what’s new?), and fortunately the owner (who was outside at the time) didn’t notice what I was up to. I tweaked the picture with Photoshop Elements to create the right mood.

Have you even taken a photo that ended up inspiring a story (either via pictures or words)? Do you hunt for pictures on Google Images? Or do you not bother at all, because you already have an image in your head for the setting?

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Tip #98: Make Your Camera Your BFF + setting