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My Top 5 Favorite Kid Shows

I'm going to admit that I love Kid shows.


I was actually getting sad the other day thinking about when my kids won't like to watch them any more.

What will I do?

Sneak and watch them on youtube when they go to bed?

Umm... (Lets not discuss what is blasting in my headphones right now, shall we... )

I thought I'd list my Top 5 FAVORITE kid shows. There is no real point to it really. Well, there is... I want to share the awesomeness of these shows if you haven't seen them before (and truth be told, if you have small kids, you probably have).

I had 4 things I ranked these shows on (YES, I went that far with it lol).

1). Watchability-- for parents
**in this world where we don't have a lot of time to spend with our kids because of other responsibilities, it's a good thing when a tv show is actually interesting for both the kid and the child. That way you can watch together, talk about it, and learn lessons together.

2). Educational
**Sponge Bob will not be on my top 5 list (Spoiler alert!). Not that he's evil or anything.. just that he's not all that educational. I like my kids to learn from their shows... and not just about Krusty Krabs.

3.) Entertaining
**This goes back to the watchability. There are some shows that are educational, but boring as mud (well, mud would probably be more fun).

4). No Whining Kids/Animated characters
** My kids imitate what they see on tv. They do little plays for me etc. And sometimes they deal with conflicts like the characters on the shows do... which is good... except... for the fact that they have to do the 'bad' thing before the conflict occurs. Which means, I have to hear the 'whining'. And whining, even if it's fake whining, can grate your nerves. Plus, I don't think it teaches a very good lesson on getting what you want.

SO, those are MY criteria for judging my top 5. It's, of course, my own opinion. Don't shoot the messanger...

My Top 5 Favorite Kid Shows (on right now)... preschool Moms, be ready to nod... or go "Really?"

1. WordGirl (PBS)
WordGirl chronicals the life of Becky Boxford. She's a 5th grader by day, superhero by night. Becky is actually from the planet Lexicon and arrived on Earth at age 2 when her spaceship crash landed (oh yes, you heard that right).

I love WordGirl because it gives wonderful vocabulary lessons, has interesting stories... and a monkey named Captain Huggy Face... How can that be wrong?

Here is a snippet...


2. The Fresh Beat Band (Nick Jr.)
Now... this used to be my favorite show (yes, I admit it... I also admit to listening to their song "Here We Go"... right at this very moment. And my kids are asleep. Yes... I know). They only slipped to second because... well... my kids aren't much on Nick Jr. right now. They are all about PBS and I haven't got to see much of them lately. That, and they pulled a Darrin with Marina. Grrrr... I have more thoughts on The Fresh Beat Band, but to leave myself any ounce of credibility intact, I shall restrain myself.

Instead, here is a snippet...

3. The Electric Company (PBS)
The original show started about 30 years ago. I remember it from when I was little. I love watching this new Re-boot with my girls. They love the dancing, singing, and *gasp* learning. They make reading fun and that is challenging. The stories are interesting. The lessons are really well laid out. It's just a great show.

Here is a clip...

4. Super Why (PBS) (Can you tell we watch a lot of PBS? lol)
In Storybook Village, Wyatt and his 3 friends solve problems using the "Power to Read". You have 'Alpha Pig' with Alphabet Power. Princess Presto with Spelling Power. Wonder Red with Word Power. And SuperWhy with the Power to Read... AND, of course, SuperYou. It covers all of the basis, is fun, doesn't get *too* old, and has great messages.

5. WordWorld (PBS) WordWorld is a place... where words come alive. Each animal, house, tree, log, bowl, etc, is made up of letters which spell that word. When they want to make something new, they just find the letters and put them together. It shows words in concrete forms. A C... A... T... can spell cat. But seeing it together, letters and animal, makes it more real. I really like WordWorld.
And... here ya go...

AND there ya go. My top 5 favorite kid shows. Sorry, this seemed to be a promotion for PBS lol, but we have started watching a lot of it.
OH, honorable Mention... The baby loves Sid the Science Kid :)
What 'kid shows' do you love? (YES, I said YOU) What shows do your kids like? What do you look for in a quality kids show? Share your comments. :) I'd love to hear them.
Much Love, Kelly

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