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Prayers and God's Sense of Humor

Today... I decided to be a 'good' wife.

I would do something I've only ever done once before...

Not cook...

Mow the yard!

The other time I mowed it, we had a push mower to use with it. This time, it was only the riding mower. Part of my yard slopes down into a rocky hill (which I don't like, but whatever).

I hadn't started a riding mower in YEARS!

I hadn't mowed in YEARS!

I had a voice nagging me in the ear to, "Mow the yard while your husband is hot at work. He'll appreciate it."

So... at nap time... I did.

Remember that slope I told you about? Well, I was terrified! I kept praying, "God, you got me out here. Please don't let me die. Please take care of me. Please take care of me. Please take care of me... " You get the idea.

Horror stories of people rolling down embankments and cutting off limbs kept flooding my mind... but I trusted God... I was mowin' for my man!

Believe it or not, I actually mowed the entire front yard (save one strip in front of those rocks that I couldn't make myself mow) and headed to the back yard. My back yard is pretty tiny, narrow, and tall. It doesn't slope like the front yard, so I didn't have the same prayer.

This time, I got a little cocky...

Yep... I knew I could mow this, but I wanted it to be pretty for the hubs... So... I prayed ever so earnestly, "God, please let my back yard be pretty. Don't let me mess it up." And do you know what happened?

The mower died...
It ran out of gas.
So... I didn't mess up the backyard, because I couldn't mow the backyard.

God answered both of my prayers today.
And had a little humor doing it :)
What has God done for you today?
Much Love,

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Prayers and God's Sense of Humor + Review