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Characters... what do they look like?: Countdown to Crossing the Deep

Everyone sees different things when they read about a character. What I 'see' is different from what you see... that is until a movie comes out about the book (wouldn't it be cool if CROSSING THE DEEP got made into a movie someday? Dreams... )

Anyway, last week, I wrote about how I came up with my character names. This week, I decided I'd show you what my characters look like to me.

To be honest, they don't *exactly* look like these pictures. I am very paranoid about photos and copyrights etc, and I found the pictures that most closely resembled my characters on sites I can buy the rights from (basically, I can't just google image and find what I want... which is fine :) )

Basically, these pictures are the ones that struck me as Rachel and Asher (I kinda got a knot in my throat when I found Asher's picture. It was all like, 'He's a real guy!' lol... but I'm weird ;) )

Meet Rachel...

Rachel has wild red hair and big blue eyes in the book. She's 16 going on 30 (due to traumas in her past). In the book, her toboggan is charcoal colored and her jacket is emerald green, but you get the basic idea. I think she's pretty, but not the typical beauty queen type. She loves God but wonders why He lets bad things happen sometimes.

And here is Asher Jenkins...

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In my mind, his hair is a little bit longer over his ears, and his shirt is white. However, this is a close picture to how I imagined him. What gal wouldn't swoon for that feller? Rachel can see why girls fall all over him... even if their circumstances aren't ideal for romance...

I hope you enjoyed 'seeing' Rachel and Asher (I know I actually get giddy looking at them lol).

Come back next Monday and see what is in store for 'COUNTDOWN TO CROSSING THE DEEP'


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Characters... what do they look like?: Countdown to Crossing the Deep + Novel