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5 Minute Friday--WIDE

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The word this week made me think of the song 'Deep and Wide'.

Do you know that song?

Deep and Wide.. Deep and Wide... there's a fountain flowing deep and wide...
Sometimes we forget about that fountain (and by that fountain I mean God/His love/His plan/His purpose for us). It's easy to get side tracked by the issues in life/the annoyances (can ya'll believe I was sick yesterday morning, and my husband didn't even ask me how he could help with the kids???? Oh... I was *annoyed* ;) ).

It's easy to get so wrapped up in life that we forget the big, wide picture. God has something for all of us. None of us are here by accident. Whether you were tried for, an 'oops', a teenaged pregnancy, a rape, whatever.. You, my friend, are here for some sort of purpose.

Even if you don't know what it is, God does. He can plan much better than you and I ever could :)


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BTW, I have some exciting news :) I signed my second book contract this week!!!! My novel, SAINT SLOAN, will be released in either Feb. or March from Astraea Press. I'm so excited, so nervous, and so deep in edits my eyes could cross lol. Thanks so much for your support as I venture out into this whole writing world. It's scary, but it's exciting :)

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5 Minute Friday--WIDE + release