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I'm at 2 blogs today :)

Sorry this is up so late (my husband was using the desktop computer which is easier to type blog posts on :) )

The Book Release Blog Tour is still going on :) Today, I'm touring at...

Do This in Remembrance of Me
There are times when we feel alone even when other people are around us. During those times, we need to remember that we are never truly alone. Even in a room full of strangers, Jesus is with us… always… even unto the end of the world. CLICK TO READ MORE...

Daily Surrender to Jesus
He will be with us always. Always. Jesus will never leave us. Never. In the midst of the deepest trials, hardest struggles, loneliest, scariest moments, He is there. In the midst of every joy, every celebration, place of rest, and time of peace, He is there. CLICK TO READ MORE...

Please stop by, leave some comments, read these ladies' wonderful blogs, and check out Crossing the Deep if you are so inclined (buy links are on the sidebar... I'm not ashamed to point that out lol).

Have a great night :)


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I'm at 2 blogs today :) + tour