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But Wait... There's More :)

If (by chance) I get top 10 in any category on Amazon, I'll giveaway a $25 gift card on the blog to say thanks. ♥ A chance for free money AND a cartwheel (from me no less)... what's not to like ;)

But I need your help! Spread the word about
the book. If you've read it, please leave a review. Recommend it to your friends (heck, even your enemies ;) ). I'd love for this story to be read by and touch as many people as it can ♥ Teen/Christian fiction rocks! :) (and it does actually exist :) )

Have a great weekend, friends :) Tomorrow, is my sweet Saturday Snippet. Not sure which story I'm going to use though... Hmm...

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Crossing The Deep


Also available on Barnes and Nobel and Astraea Press.com

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But Wait... There's More :) + weekend