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'Nothing' to do

The strangest feeling came over me yesterday when I woke up. It was December 1st... and I had nothing to do.

Now, I'm a mommy of 3 so yeah, I have that to do... and I'm a teacher which is a lot to do. I have a house, blogs, church Christmas play, family, etc. So I do have things to 'do', but not like I have been.

I don't have any goals to reach.

In May, I started the Weekly Cleaning Quests. That kept me going for 9 weeks.

In July, I started the Bible in 90 Days.

In September, I started the weekly 'What is Love?' bible study for 3 months.

In November, I participated in and 'won' National Novel Writer's Month (nanowrimo).

Everything is finished. I've had a "goal", something to shoot for, the last 6 months!

That is a strange feeling.

Sure, I have the book to edit (already working on it) and the Christmas play (which is going well), but I don't have a certain goal to have finished by the end of the month.

I was laying in the bed wondering if I should make one (yes, that's what I think about).

Maybe, editing a certain amount of time... maybe setting weekly cleaning goals for myself (I nearly posted this last night)... maybe doing Proverbs in 31 days... something.

For right now, I'm not going to make any type of "you have to have this finished" by a certain time goals. It is really going to take a lot to get used too.

This post is kinda rambly, but I wanted to get it out. Having a deadline was becoming my new 'normal'. Guess it's time to focus on Christmas and having a fun time with my family... THAT could be my goal ;)

Do you have a goal for December? If so, how are you planning on meeting it?

Much Love, Kelly

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'Nothing' to do + Review