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Sweet Saturday Sample: That Awkward Moment When...

Hi guys :)

For today's sweet Saturday Sample, I decided to post a short, short snippet from Saint Sloan-- coming out Feb. 28th, 2013!!!

What you should know for this: Ray is the new guy... well, kinda new guy. He, his mom, brother Aaron left Chapel Hill 9 years before... Now Aaron and Ray are back, sans mom (dun. dun. dun). Our main girl, Sloan, is going to Ray's house to work on a biology project.

Want a little more backstory (like what happened between Sloan and Ray's brother, Aaron?) CLICK HERE... (The link will take you to a post from October before Sloan was ever edited... So keep that in mind ;) The Sweet Saturday Sample today has been edited... and edited... and edited ;) Enjoy.)

Ray laughed, clearly amused by her jubilation over automobiles.

“Well, let me be the first person to wish you a happy early birthday.”

She didn’t have the heart to tell him that Aaron had beaten him to it. “Thanks.”

“Eighteen, huh? I can’t wait until I’m eighteen.”

“Why?” Like she couldn’t guess. Eighteen meant freedom, ditching the parents, being an adult, voting…

“Then I won’t be a minor anymore. I won’t be anyone’s ward or need a guardian. I won’t be anyone’s burden.”

The sadness in his voice made her want to hug him. Her excitement over being eighteen and his came from two very different places. No one should think of himself as a burden. Donna had told her once that everyone had a purpose in God’s plan, even if they didn’t know it.

“I’m sure your brother doesn’t think of you as a burden.”

His eyes shifted to hers. “You have no idea how my brother thinks.”

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Sweet Saturday Sample: That Awkward Moment When... + tour