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Home Making Binder... Day 1

*Ignore the misspellings... please... *

Ok, so... I guess that since I'm not obsessing about TTC or being pregnant, I need something else to occupy my time, and it seems I have found it. I found a video on youtube yesterday about 'Homemaking Binders' or notebooks and I had no idea one even existed... heck I had no idea what one was! So I watched... and I watched... and I watched... and I just kept finding them (search 'Home Making Binders' on Youtube if you are interested). Anyway, instead of being appaulled by any idea of a schedule for cleaning (I mean... EW!), I was entralled. I couldn't stop watching and all I knew was... I wanted one!

Lets get something straight here... I'm not organized... at.all. I wasn't before kids... I'm not after kids... but I WANT to be now. Something clicked in my head after I turned 30 that I want a clean (and I use 'clean' loosely...remember I DO have 3 kids and a full time WOH job so.. yeah) home. I want to be organized... I want an idea of what I need to do daily. In short.. I want a schedule. And yeah, I totally get that things will happen. Kids will cry, get sick, be clingy, etc so I KNOW this isn't set in stone, but it's a good guideline to go by.

I found a great site http://www.moneysavingmom.com/ that I LOVE! It has lots of very usual printables which I will use... when I get a printer (I know, sady I don't have one, so that's why you arent' seeing any pics of my own homemaking binder... it's handwritten and kinda sad looking... yet anyway. You may later when I do a before and after type thing... or heck, I may post them tomorrow... who knows?)

Anyway, I found making a HomeMaking Binder was super easy and actually kinda fun. In my binder so far I have, "Remember Daily" (which I will go over soon), Daily sheets to accomplish, A master list of daily housework, Saturday Cleaning masterlist (Saturday morning I'm cleaning like a banshee... can't tell it by Saturday afternoon, but *I* know it was clean at one time!), Laundry check list, Schedule/Morning Reminders (ie, kids' snacks, bottles, etc), and a calendar with when bills are due, dates, and the bills behind them in their own little plastic sleeves so I can keep up with them and know when I paid them (and they aren't cluttering my kitchen island).

So, if there is any interest, I'm going to continue to blog about my coupon experiences and my new home making obsession. If not... well then, I'm not sure what I'll do lol. Anyway, I wanted to leave this post with the "Remember Daily" sheet of my Binder... it's the IMPORTANT things that I can't forget. It's the first sheet I see...
~Play with the kids first and foremost
~Things don't always go according to plan
~My family loves me, but they also love clean socks and underwear
~I will do everything out of love
~Breathe in... breathe out
~Everything will be ok.
~Smile more than frown
~Through God all things are possible
~Have FUN!

Much, much love (and I hope you do one of these notebooks with me and share your experiences)

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Home Making Binder... Day 1 + TIME