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So... we are being truthful here, right? Day 5

So... today is Saturday. The big cleaning day at my house. It didn't used to be... but it is now. I have evolved (or grown, or gotten tired of clutter, or something has gone terribly wrong in my head where I think "I.Must.Clean.On.Saturday."...Stepford maybe??? )

Anyway, last night I wrote everything down in my notebook that I needed to do today:
~Bathrooms: *sweep, *Swiffer, *clean bathtubs, *clean toilets, *clorox vanities, *clean mirrors.

~Kitchen: *declutter, *sweep, *swiffer, *wipe surfaces, *wash dishes

~Kids' Rooms: *pick up toys/clothes, *make beds

~Our Room: *pick up clothes, *dust, *make bed

~ Living Room: *Pick up clutter, *Dust (DH had already vaccumed)

~Laundry: *3 Loads

I don't know if that's a *lot* for 'normal' people to do during the weekend, but it's much more than I used to do. I checked off everything that I did thoughout the day (on top of fixing breakfast/lunch, and taking care of 3 kids), and as the day went on... I admit... I started getting disgruntled. I mean DANG! I was doing all of this for my family and they could have cared less (except my oldest DID like helping me clean :) Training her well lol). By 12, I was tired, and grumpy, and well... tired.

I wanted to throw the stinking notebook and my new 'ideals' away and beat myself for ever even thinking of doing it (if I'm being honest).


I took a big deep breath.

I watched as my kids played coupon clippers.

We got ready (all 5 of us) and went out for supper...

We came home...

And the house was clean.

The kids were happy.

I was happy.

And my dh... my sweet dh, actually called his sister telling her about my 'new' notebook and how nice it was :) He was aslo talking about my new couponing 'obsession' and how much money it had saved us.

SO, at the beginning of the day I was cursing this new system (how dare *I* have to do all of this stuff) but by the end of the day, I loved it again. In fact, I'm making one for my nephew's wedding shower for their new family. I feel a big sense of accomplishment and that's something I don't feel a lot.

To sum up, the 'notebook' is something that you might want to throw up against a wall at times ("If I didn't write it down, I could say I forgot... "), but at the end of the day, it's VERY handy, VERY useful, VERY appreciated. And I give it 2 big thumbs up.

Tomorrow is coupon day :) :) Can't wait!!!!

Much, much love,

Kelly (whose DH is right now buying her a printer!!!!!!! I'm about to get excited!!!!)

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So... we are being truthful here, right? Day 5 + weekend