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T-- Testing of the Nerves

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T is for Testing of Nerves
I was trying to think about a T word and this popped in my head (while my 5 yr old was screaming because she didn't want to go to bed at her bedtime-- I know, horrible Mama).
Things come and go all the time that test our nerves... here are a few of my nerve testers.
*Sitting next to people who shake their leg-- constantly-- and with great vigor (I'm married to one of those types... )
*When my kids ask the same question over and over and over and over and over again... and expect a different answer other than 'no'.
*When the baby (21 months) doesn't want to nap... and is cranky--- yeah, that's always fun.
*When my oldest daughter won't get out of my youngest daughter's face.
*When I keep checking my email-- and have no new messages when I'm expecting one (ok, that's a petty one)
There are more, but I don't want to get into it a negative rut.
I'm not complaining. I love my kids and my husband-- but I don't have to tell you that sometimes they test your nerves.
So... what tests your nerves? What little quirks just drive you nuts... but would actually miss them if they were gone.
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T-- Testing of the Nerves + Review