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"Brag on God" Friday
Beholding Glory

"Brag on God" Friday is a link-up with http://www.beholdingglory.com/ where you write something Awesome about God. Well... that sounds easy, doesn't it? lol

And it is... Well it's Easy to THINK Of things that God has done awesome this week... and every week.

But when I started trying to actually write it down, it wouldn't come out for some reason. I tried to write this last night... and I got nowhere... not that I couldn't think of a million things to write about... but because I couldn't write it down (writers block I guess... )

Anyway, I'm glad I didn't end up posting what I was *trying* to write last night, because while taking a shower this morning, I found the exact words I wanted to say this morning... yeah, I was happy! :)

I was taking a shower and thought, "God, I know you do all of this stuff for me... every second... every day... but I can't find the words." And the thought popped in my head, "Well, you got up this morning, didn't you?"

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD the ball started rolling lol.

I'd like my first official "Brag On God Friday" to be about His just letting me wake up this morning. He didn't have too. There is no rule that says, "Kelly MUST wake up every day until she is 100 when she will die in her sleep." Nope... not written in any book I've ever read. So the sheer fact that I can sit here and type this... is a big God brag.

Then once I started thinking about that... the ball just got rolling.

Another thing that I've talked about this week that I've done is called S.O.A.P (Click the link next to this post). You pray, find a scripture, observe what it means, apply it to your life, and pray. It's really really REALLY neat! Honestly, its so cool how God can talk to you... with words over 2000 years old!

I won't be posting all of my 'SOAP' writings because I think they are personal, however I will type out one or two scriptures I used. Some of you know what I've been thinking about this week (Um... Spud is one of the top things lol... No you aren't the only one that thinks its weird that I named the 'mole' lol). There are others, and the verses that I found this week go either directly to that or other things that I want/am thinking about.

James 4:2--You desire and do not have, so you murder, you covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel. You do not have because you do not ask. (Yeap, that wholloped me right upside ye ole head!)

Matthew 21:22-- And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall recieve. (If I pray, and don't believe it... what good does it do?)

Luke 1:37-- For nothing is impossible with God. (That's where the Big and Small posts came from)

Proverbs 3:6-- Seek the Lord in all you do and He will show you which path to take.

Luke 2:36-- Anna, a prophet, was also in the Temple. (Anna had 2 things against her... well 2 things we'd consider NOW DAYS against her. 1. she was old. 2. she was a woman. God can use old, young, men, AND women to spread His word. Somehow I needed to know that this week.)

There are MANY many more (I've kinda been on a SOAP binge this week lol).

THE POINT IS: My 'Brag on God' today is that 1. He let me wake up. 2. He let my kids wake up. 3. He gave me these verses when I REALLY needed them the most. The Bible is huge, but 'somehow' (well *I* know how, but you get the idea) those popped out when I needed them the most.

**Remember, Our bathrooms are due tomorrow! I got one closet finished... gotta work on the other... I WILL get it finished by tomorrow though! HUZZAH!**

Much love!!!!


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