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Our Last Faith Fiction Friday on this blog...

It's kind of sad today, but kind of happy. This is our last 'Faith-Fiction Friday' here at OTMA.


Well, if you don't know, I've started a new blog called Faith Filled Fiction. That site is all about Christian/faith fiction so it's only natural that Faith Fiction Friday be posted there. Don't worry, I'll put a link to it here for you.

So... what is Faith Fiction Friday? 1. I post a picture.
2. You write a 100 word (give or take) story (fiction, non-fiction or devotional) about the picture.
3. You put the story in the comments section.
4. You add your blog (if you have one) to the linky.
5. Come back and read all of the great stories!
6. I normally ask you to put the faith fiction Friday button somewhere on your blog, but this time I'm not since the link will be different next week anyway.


Here we go...
This picture was inspired by Megan's post at Just a Little Place to Write. Her Creative Writing Wednesday post was a wedding picture. I saw this and couldn't resist. Today being my anniversary and all, I couldn't help but be a bit sentimental. Not that this looks anything like my wedding.
(from pinterest.com)
Happy writing!

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Our Last Faith Fiction Friday on this blog... + Review