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Why My Husband Rocks?

Sunday is Father's Day. To celebrate, I'm going to talk a bit about my husband.

What? What?! You have a husband?

Yes, Dear Reader. *I* have a husband. I don't talk about him much because, well, I kinda told him I wouldn't (long story)... but I DID tell him I was doing this, and he was ok about it. Who doesn't like be bragged on sometimes?

Anyway, I thought I'd get all of my husband's awesomeness out in one post... well... the majority of his awesomeness. I could probably think of more if given the opportunity.

Backstory: The hubs (Brandon) and I have been married for 8 years. We dated a grand total of 2 months before we tied the knot... so, yeah-- we knew so much about each other going into this.

Over the past 8 years, we have had to figure each other out... what makes the other person tick... learn how to live with each other's faults (me more than him... Ok, so *maybe* I had some faults along the way myself... *maybe*).

AND we have 3 little ladies! (2 of which are TOTAL Daddy's girls... Apparently they don't realize that Mama carried and birthed them... but whatever, right... hehe)

We have a nice routine now... well, sometimes it's nice. It's hard. We don't work the same shift so it does get lonely at times... I'm not going to lie. But we try to make it work as best we can. Some days its only a brief kiss and a 5 minute conversation. I truly admire military families who don't even have that daily.

I've thought how best to descrive his awesomeness. I didn't want to get all mushy because we aren't mushy people. So then I decided that ye ole 'Top 5 List' would be the best way to go.


Without further ado...

The Top 5 Reasons My Husband Rocks

1. He cleans out the mouse traps.
Wait!!! Whoa! Stop the train, Nelly-Bell. You mean to tell me 'That's' your number ONE? What about because you love him... or what about how the awesomeness of his being a father? Mouse traps are your number ONE???? (See how cleaverly I can read your mind... )

Well... yes... THAT is my number one and there is a very good reason why... ALL of that other stuff, the love, the awesomeness of being a father... THAT is a given. I wouldn't have married him if Ididn't love him (no shotguns were required... ). I wouldn't have had a baby with him if I hadn't thought he would be a good father...

And I wouldn't have had 2 more if he wasn't one.

All of those things are 'givens'. My top 5 are things he does that make me appreciate him more...

WHICH leads us back to He cleans out mouse traps.
I hate mice... I hate mice with a fiery passion. I'm not entirely sure if I'd rather see a dead mouse or a live mouse. All mice pretty much freak me out... Thankfully, the hubs takes care of those rather nasty creatures (sorry nasty creatures for putting you in the company of mice... I'm sure mice have their purpose.. just not in my house!). So score one for the husband!

2. He holds my hand when I'm scared...
Even when its a scary movie... in which case he might laugh at me while he's doing it, but it's the thought that counts, right???

3. Sometimes he says the right thing--- and I don't even have to tell him what it is.
I feel bad for my husband at times. I'll be upset over something and honestly I won't know why I'm upset and he doesn't either. But he does try to listen. He's not perfect of course--but he does try to make me feel better. Can't ask for much more than that.

4.He loves to cook--- and is much better at it than I am.
I'm not a cook. I've never been able to cook well... I can cook tolerable (ie, it's edible). But my husband is a terrific cook. That man can throw something together that you think would be nasty (or I would), but it's really really good when he's finished. My kids have a treat when Daddy cooks. I know he would more if he had the time. Time is a fleeting thing sometimes.

5. He is really good at decorating.
Ok, that one kinda irks me.. only because I'm SO jealous of it! I wish I could just look at something and 'make it work'.

In preparing this post, I asked my ladies why their daddy rocked.

They said:

The 5 year old: "Because he plays monster with us!"

The 4 year old: "Because he is happy."

The 11 month old can't talk (well she can, but... you know what I mean), but she is a TOTAL Daddy's girl--Never saw a girl's eyes light up so much when she saw her Daddy like E's (thanks kid... )

There are many other reasons why he rocks... like he knows exactly how to kiss me and make me swoon--even after 8 years.
... like how much he loves God--even if his work keeps him from church sometimes.
... like how sometimes he stays awake over 24 hours to do something with us.

You get the idea.

So, that's it. Now you know there is an actual "Mr." in this home, and that he's a pretty special guy.

Much love-- and don't forget Quest #4 is due tomorrow!!! :)

Kelly (aka... 'The Mrs.')

(P.S. I'm entering this into the "My Husband Rocks" writing contest linked above, however, I had already thought about writing something like this for a while. I just needed a bit of... what is that word????? Ah... MOTIVATION

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