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Letting go of the rules

I have a special guest today who has just released her Young Adult novel, Every Little Piece. I’ve already read the book and loved it. I loved it so much, I ignored my writing just so I could keep reading Kate’s book. So naturally I was thrilled when she said she would write a guest post. Take it away Kate . . . .


As writers, we’ve all heard over and over to follow the rules. They help us when we’re writing our first manuscript…or second and third.

Rules such as don’t ever describe a character by having him/her look in a mirror, start with action but not so into the action that readers are confused, and follow story structure.

Rules are good.

I suggest following them. Most of the time.

There’s also a time to experiment. I had finished one project, and I needed something new and different. When I sat down to write Every Little Piece, I had a vague idea of where the story was going. I wanted an event and then a before and after. I wanted to show two people in a relationship dealing with their past.

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t have a solid outline. I told myself that I was willing to write thirty thousand words just for the sake of backstory. I didn’t worry about turning points.

I just wrote the story.

Of course, I had reshaping, revising, rewriting to complete after. I cut scenes. I refined the writing. I fleshed out turning points that came naturally.

But I let go of everything when writing this story. Sometimes it’s good to follow those rules. It’s good to follow perfect story structure.

But sometimes, it’s good just to let go of everything and just write the story from your heart.


Secrets never stay in the past.

The night before high school graduation changes everything. Lies are told. Mistakes are made. Secrets tucked away. Lives are changed in the span of a few hours.

A year later, Haley is still reeling, numb with the constant ache of guilt. She's in a place she never expected to be: lost without her friends and Seth. Until he enters her life again, dredging up everything she's trying to forget. Everything about that night.

Seth returns to his hometown determined to share his truth, his side of the story. He desperately needs to make things right with Haley, even if it means losing her forever. Because the truth will ruin any chance of her ever loving him again.

Except neither of them are prepared for the shock of what really happened the night before graduation.

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Thanks so much Stina for your support and letting me take over your blog!

Kate Ashton @kateashton01 is the author of the contemporary mature YA Every Little Piece. She writes about relationships and love, heartbreak and healing. And everything in between.

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