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Promotion Ickies

Regardless of whether you self publish or traditionally publish your book, you will be responsible for promoting it. The problem for many writers is that we’re introverts. We don’t like leaping outside our comfort zone. We inch toward it, ever ready to jerk back when our palms become slick with sweat. We don’t like coming off as an irritation or being perceived as spam. On Facebook, I’ve noticed some people invite all their “friends” to ‘like’ their author page. Most people ignore these invites unless they come from real friends. Other writers/authors only invite people they have a genuine connection with. To go beyond that makes them feel uncomfortable. *waves*

We often struggle to ask for help. We don’t want to put someone on the spot. One way to overcome this is to offer to help a friend promote her book. She’ll be more than willing to return the favor when yours is released. And if you ask for help, let the person know it’s okay if she would rather not. What you want to do might not work for her blog, but she might be willing to help you in other ways.

Another way you can promote your book is by mentioning you are a writer to people you meet. Yes, some people will look at you like you’re poop on their pant leg, but there will also be people who would love to know more about your books and are eager to buy a copy. If they enjoy your book, they’ll recommend it to their friends. Word of mouth is the greatest from of promotion you can get. Just don’t make the mistake of mentioning you’re a writer and pitch your book without an invitation to do so. Not unless you want to see a polite smile before the person bolts.

Does the idea of promoting your book give you nightmares or does the prospect leave you shivering with excitement?

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