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Books and Their Movie Adaptations...

Today, we are talking about movies made out of books. I'd love for Crossing the Deep to be a movie someday. IMO, it would make a good one :)

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A few days ago, I bought Beastly because it was on sale (I know) and started reading it. I'd seen the movie, never read the book. The book starts out a bit... differently from the movie. So far, though, I'm liking it a lot. (It's kinda ironic to me, though that the 'fat witch' in the book is played by a rail thin Olsen sister in the movie).

But this isn't a review of Beastly or Twilight or Harry Potter or The Green Mile or Shutter Island or anything like that. It's strictly book vs. movie. Which do you generally like better?

Here are my thoughts: (The bold titles link to where you can buy the books on Amazon :) )

Twilight: Book better
New Moon: Book better
Eclipse: Book better (I sense a theme)
Breaking Dawn pt 1-2: Movie better (but saying that, I was team Jacob, it's hard to really get into Breaking Dawn if you're Team Jacob lol. Not a bad book, though.)

Shutter Island: Probably liked the book better. To me, it was easier reading about it than actually seeing it on screen. Leonardo Dicaprio and Michelle Williams did a great job, though.

The Green Mile: Never watched the movie nor read the book.

It and The Stand: (Can I just say the Kindle cover of IT makes my hair stand on end... Pennywise... EEK!) I like the movies better. I tried to read the books, but couldn't get into them I think I just have a block with Stephen King, though. Nothing against him or his writing. My sister loves his books. I love the ideas behind them.

So there you have my very limited assessment of Movie vs. Book. I've never read Harry Potter and have only seen 1 of the movies, so I'm not the best to determine which I like better.

You're turn. Book vs. Movie. Of the ones you've seen/read, which did you enjoy more?

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Books and Their Movie Adaptations... + Novel