Purple Prose + weekend

Day 3

So... today is the offical day 2 of my homemaking binder experiment/life change and I have to say I love it! Next thing you know I"ll be sporting a 50s dress and 'perfect' hair-do ;)

I feel much more on top of things. Much more steady and not as overwhelmed. I even had time to do extra things that wasn't on my list (ie sweep the kitchen and clean the washing machine and dryer). I'm even blogging about it instead of watching 'The Vampire Diaries'. (Who IS this girl? lol)

And this is just Day 2 of using it. So I'm wondering... will I be this thrilled with this system in a week? A Month? Will I look back on this and think it was a waste of time? Will I decide that this system has been one of the greatest inventions ever? Is it a 'Kelly fad' or a life change?

I want it to be a life change. I really do. I can't tell you how much better/easier/less chaotic the last 2 days have been... but I'm going to use it at least a month to decide if it's worth it or not... right now it gets a big ole thumbs up! I *actually* feel like a housewife (even though I work) and I never have before... and I'm not sure why that is important to me now, but it is.

Tip from me (And I don't give tips easily because I usually don't have any lol):

5 minute cleaning is awesome... get the kids involved and it's great. We had nothing left to do and had 3 minutes left so that's why I cloroxed the washer and dryer).

I still haven't put the menus in my binder yet. I may this weekend.

I really hope some of you join me with the home making binders and coupons. I'd really like people to talk to about it.

Much Love :)


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Day 3 + weekend