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G-- God

Today's letter in the A-Z Challenge is...

G is for God.
What would we Christian's (or the world) be without God? Sure, some people try to cut Him out of places (some even have this amazing God propelling wall that keeps him fifty feet from schools... imagine that... ).
But I have news, God is... well... God. You can't keep Him away from anywhere. He made anything, how silly of us to think we can control Him.
God isn't some imaginary 'friend' or author who sits idoly by while his 'characters' act out their lives. God can be seen in every animal, bird, plant, sunrise, sunset, star, child, person, etc. It's not hard to see Him. You don't even have to look that hard.
Another word I want to talk about for G is: GOOD READS.
If you haven't already, please visit the 'PUBLISHED STORIES' tab at the top of this page. I have five stories published and links to all of them. It's a list I hope will grow. Let me know what you think of the stories-- I've noticed a theme myself (an unintended one). Apparently, I'm having a hard time getting older ;)
God Bless You on this Easter Weekend.

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G-- God + weekend