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"... He's Still Working on Me."

I started singing this song out of the blue in the kitchen tonight... and had to laugh.

Do you know the song?

Our piano player, Faye, used to play it at church when I was younger. I sing it sometimes when it pops in my head.. wonder if that's random???? (Nah, I don't think so either.)

So, if you have never heard the song it goes...
He's still working on me.
To make me what I ought to be.
It took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars
The sun and the Earth and Jupiter and Mars.
How loving and patient He must be...
He's still working on me.

The 'He' of course is referring to God.

So, I have sung that song for years and years... never really thought much of it. But tonight I started singing it out of the blue and started just laughing. Not crazy laughter (because that would be weird lol), but more like "How did I not see this before???" laughing. I'm a bit slow...

Ok, follow me here... It only took God a week to make the Moon... the Stars... the Sun... the Earth... Jupiter... and Mars...

BUT He' s STILL working on me...

Think about it.. It only taken Him a week to make the other things.. but he's been working on me for the past 30 years (and hopefully 80 more to knock some sense into me... ).

So, the sun, the moon, huge planets, solar systems... GALAXIES... THEY were the easy part for God. They only took a week!

But the people... OH the people... they take constant work, correction, love, kindness, and sometimes a kick in the pants. Just like our own kids. Making a home is the easy part. Four walls, a bed, toys, and food and you have the basics (of course us, like God, want our kids to have the best so we have those 'Glow in the Dark' stars in their rooms and 'Ocean Wonder' night lights so they can go to sleep watching fishies swimming on their ceiling... ). But if you are a parent.. or if you've been around kids... you know that *THAT* is the easy part.

God has more kids than Jim Bob Duggar (and I so love the Duggars), and He cares for, provides, and loves all of us. No favorites... none barely scraping by. And He loves us so much that as HARD as he worked to give us everything (and lets face it.. sometimes we aren't very appreciative), He STILL makes time for each of us.

I have a hard enough time making time for THREE kids... how about billions???? (That's why I'm glad it's God's job and not mine.. have no desire to be Evan Almighty... I liked that one better than Bruce Almighty, but I digress)

Anyway, just some thoughts that made me laugh with "Well, duh Kelly, it only took you 15 years to figure that song out." tonight. I wanted to share them with you... so it wouldn't take you as long lol.

Now, go sing that song... WATCH THIS VIDEO! You can't deny a song sung by a sweet little 6 year old (I don't know this kid, but thought it was cute.) Watch it a few times and get it stuck in your head...

Much Love,


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