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Quest #5: The Dreaded Baseboards

This week, we are tackling baseboards. I'm actually pretty excited about this one. Now, I'm not getting all crazy and moving furniture.. but I am going to do all of my rooms. My baseboard really need it!

There will probably not be any pics (I don't know, I might take a few... who knows)

I hope you go on this Quest with me!

This should be our 'easy' week... Quest #6 (if it stays the same as I plan) will be the doozie!

Good luck... and PLEASE do this with me (I can beg with the best of them). Motivation and encouragment are very much key when trying to reach any goal. We have 4 more quests after this... WE CAN DO IT!!!

Much love... Happy Cleaning!!!!

best, FUN, HAPPY, hope, love, and more:

Quest #5: The Dreaded Baseboards + TIME