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Saw the Draft Cover! (and a preview)

Oh my word! I saw the draft cover of my novel... with my name and everything!

Surreal would be the best way to describe it. Yeah, there were tears... and nitpicking... and 'I can't believe this is happening' (for the 50th time with this book lol).

I can't wait to share it with you guys (I know.. this is kind of a teaser post).. I just saw the rough draft and was asked to give my opinion. Also, I sent my galley edits in today (that's it... no more editing Crossing the Deep for me... my baby's all grown up!)

To make up for a lack of a cover image, I decided to post a snippet from the book:

Rachel was still miffed about the Carly travesty but bowed her head and closed her eyes. “Dear Lord, please protect us on this trip. Please keep us safe and away from harm… and bears. Please allow us to have a great time and, most importantly, come closer to You. In Jesus’s name I pray.” She opened her eyes and noticed that everyone had their heads bowed, everyone except Asher. He stood not far from her with his hands in the pockets of his dark-wash jeans, studying her like he was trying to figure her out.
“Amen,” she forced herself to say. Various amens repeated throughout the gathered hikers. Asher mouthed the word but never took his eyes off her. She felt her face flush, and she couldn’t understand it. Why did she care that Asher Jenkins had stared at her longer than he had to?

25 more days... I can't believe it. Been thinking of some way to have a huge blog party on Oct. 9th. Hmmmmm...

Since having a novel published was/is my dream, what dreams do you have in life? Are you going toward them or are you stuck like Rachel and Asher are in the book?

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Saw the Draft Cover! (and a preview) + Novel